Payment Options

Method Description Delivery address Payment Charges Refund of charges?

Debit Cards

Pay online with your debit card

We can only send to the card billing address. If you work for a publicly recognised company we may be able to send to your work address with further information


Deducted at checkout

Credit Cards

Pay online with your debit card

Card billing address only



Bank Transfer

You send the money to our Barclays account from your internet/telephone/branch banking (it might take up to 5 working days for payments to clear)

We can send to any delivery address



Cash Deposit

You deposit cash into our account via a Barclays branch

We can send to any delivery address



Refund of Payment charges

If you would like the security of paying by credit card but don't want the fee we are able to refund the full credit card transaction after you have received the watch and are happy with it. This would involve you paying again with a Bank Transfer and when that has cleared we can fully refund the credit card transaction including the fees. As with debit cards we can only ship to a cardholder address and the transaction must be 3d secure.

Deposits & Balance Payments

If you are buying a watch that is in our shop we generally require upfront payment so we can ship it out to you right away. Items that are in stock won't have a deposit button on the product page. If you want to reserve an in-stock item and collect it in person then contact us and we will arrange for you to be able to pay a deposit.

If you are buying a watch that we are ordering on your behalf then we only ask for a small deposit upfront. Once the watch arrives in stock and we have checked to ensure everything is perfect you will receive an email and be asked to log into your account to pay the balance. You can pay the deposit and balance with different payment methods if you wish. E.g. you may like to pay the deposit on a credit card and the balance on a debit card.

Payment Methods

With payment methods, we try and be as flexible as possible and take the security of our clients payment details very seriously. We accept:

  • Credit / debit cards through our secure site or via Chip & Pin in our store
  • Bank wires in British Pounds and in Euros
  • Cheques
  • Cash payments or cash deposited into our Barclays account - WE NEED 5 WORKING DAYS TO ENSURE MONEY IS CLEARED!

All card payments are processed via a company called Sage Pay and our Barclays Merchant account who are an industry leader in payment processing. Although our servers are secure and PCI compliant we do not store your card details on our servers - all this is handled by Sage Pay on their specialist payment servers.

Credit / Debit Cards - There are no additional charges for paying by debit card.

We take debit cards through our site and through our store. Sadly because we are a target for fraudulent transactions we must insist that all transactions are 3d secure (secured by Mastercard / Visa) or Chip & Pin. We must also insist that if we are shipping a watch that the delivery address matches the billing address of the payment card.

Bank Transfer / Wire -

We can accept money wired into our GBP or EUR accounts and these transactions are normally instant for UK to UK transactions and take 1-3 days for international transactions.

Once you take a product through the checkout in the online shop you can select / bank transfer as the payment method. This will email you our account details. Please include the order number as the reference. WE NEED 5 WORKING DAYS TO CONFIRM THE MONEY IS CLEARED


Cash can be paid into any branch of Barclays or brought to our shop. Any amounts over €10,000 (or GBP equivalent) will need to be supported by 2 forms of ID and an explanation of where funds came from (this is to comply with money laundering laws).


We can accept cheques paid into our account, posted to us or brought to us in person. Before good are handed over or items ordered we must wait for the cheque to clear and this can take up to 10 days.

Please note that, due to security reasons, we require 2 forms of ID for all payment methods.