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UK High Street Shop - 73 Years
We have been in our High Street shop for over 73 years and we welcome you to come and visit us. Our shop was established by the Coles family 1943 who still oversee the business on a daily basis.
All Watches Guaranteed 100% Genuine
Every single watch we sell comes with a lifetime authenticity guarantee so you can rest assured that the watch you have is 100% genuine.
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We have over 1,950 genuine 5 star reviews from real human beings - most of them verified clients. We use a 3rd party review company that carefully ensure the integrity of reviews.
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Your payments are 100% guaranteed safe by SagePay, PayPal and Barclays.

VAT Free Shipments and VAT Refund

1. For Items Sent Outside The EU:

We can sell a product without VAT, if the product is sent outside the EU. The price for the product will be as listed on each product’s page as per “Excluding VAT” line plus the shipping cost. Please be aware that customers are liable for all importing taxes and/or duties payable in the destination country.

2. Purchase in Person:

Non-EU customers are eligible for VAT refund when buying products in person. When you purchase the product in person, we will initially sell the product with VAT (20%) and supply you with VAT Export form at the time of purchase. You will have to stamp the VAT Export form at the airport, when leaving the UK.

PLEASE NOTE: The VAT Export form needs to be stamped by the Customs Officer, not by Global Blue representative or any other agents.

Once you have completed this step, please send us stamped VAT Export form backin order to receive your VAT refund. Once we receive back the stamped VAT Export form, we will refund you the VAT amount. We refund to our customers full 20% VAT without any admin or other fees.


1. You will need to have your passport with you at the time of purchase.

2. Only Non-EU residents are eligible for VAT refund. If you are an EU national, who is Non-EU resident, then you will be required to produce your residence permit in the country of your residence outside the EU.

3. Please allow at least 1 additional hour to stamp the VAT Export form at the airport.